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contradiction 2


sunday choiceOn the road…again….


Been a difficult week. After spending most of it parsing data and creating a detailed worksheet, found out yesterday afternoon that the information that I had been fed was wrong.

I thought of this line, “The best laid plans…”

When I repeated it to someone, they didn’t understand. Then I realized, that although I knew this fragment, I didn’t really know where it came from other than it was an old poem.

So I looked…and found Robert Burns’ To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough (Scot’s Tae a Moose).

Here are the last two stanzas (original and modern translation):


It’s Friday…keep moving…

mouse-and-grapesMouse and Grapes
Ding Yanyong
ink and wash painting


…and looking forward to the weekend…

outsideOlentangy River Trail by Derrick Lin

Go see more of Derrick’s stuff

new yorker

Sometimes you just gotta get on that bus…

US Open begins today…be there…

venus williamsVenus Williams away from the court…
Chad Batka for The New York Times

To all of her matches at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in fact to all of her matches everywhere, Ms. Williams, 36, wears EleVen by Venus Williams, her fitness and and leisure clothing line. At the Olympics, she wore a Wonder Woman-inspired dress of her own design, and had red strands woven into her braids (“my Olympic hair,” she called it).

“I have always said that after sport, I wanted a life, I wanted an opportunity, I wanted to be able to do something,” she said. “And if something happens — the economy falls out or the dollar is worthless, anything could happen — you have to be ready to work. And I’m ready.”

Venus Williams, Off the Court, NY Times 8/27/2016

It’s Monday…keep up the good fight…

I can see the weekend from my house!

marsder san juan islandsSan Juan Islands       © Derrick Lin

See more at Derrick Lin’s Instagram

[found at Derrick Lin’s,  1:87/tiny moments of agency life…go visit…]



sunday choiceOn the road…..

Car bumper philosophy…the way we choose our leaders these days…humbug…

ledeckyKatie Ledecky   
Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times

Artwork from the NY Times article, The Phenom, about Katie Ledecky, Olympic contender…this Sunday’s Olympics issue…

The struggle for time continues…

oxford circusTongue at Oxford Circus        © Bob Mazzer

Second week into new job…deep in the woods…posting light…

[more on photographer Bob Mazzer here]

© Bill Israel

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